Finally after the summer pause we've updated our site. We wanted to make it more professional and usefull for our customers. The quality of our cameras and lenses, which are being sold only after cleaning, lubricating and adjusting (CLA), is also rising day by day as is the professionalism of our repairman. We have been in business for 5 years and we know what our customers want and we want to provide that service.

Here is the small list of what we have now in stock:

1. Zorki-1+box (EX++)
2. Kiev-4+box (EX+)
3. Leningrad+box (EX++)
4. Mir+box (EX++)
5. Jupiter-12 (contax-mount) EX++
6. FT-2 (EX+)
7. Fed-2+box(red) (EX+)
8. Kiev-4AM (EX++)
9. Kiev-2+ZK lens
10. Zenit-19 (EX++)
11. Zorki-3M (EX+)
12. Lomo-135M (EX+)
13. Jupiter-9 (leica-mount) (EX++)
14. Moskwa-5+box (EX++)
15. Fed-3+box (EX++)
16. Pentacon Six TTL (EX++)
17. Tair-33B (pentacon) (MINT-)
18. Fed-Zorki (EX+)
19. Stereo Attach. for Kiev/Contax
20. Fed-3 (type a) EX++

... more interesting cameras and lenses.
And much more will be available in next several days, because we continue upgrading.