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Nothing has been offered for sale as far as I can see.

He's merely listing things which can be bought in another place, without prices - which may be a circumvention of the rules, but is excusable for a non-English speaker. It's at least excusable ONCE.

Why would it be excusable for a non-English speaker? is this website English speaking as a primary language? What is the difference between "available" and "For Sale" When someone comes to my house and asks if that is available, I always take it to mean, is that for sale...

I take it as a drive by, Hey we updated our website, and this is what we have "available" I don't see any indication that the listing says "Not for Sale" does that mean if I visit them in the Ukraine that I have a place I can borrow things?

This was pure and simple a drive by, trying to get people to come to their website to buy things.....