Does anybody know offhand if JD Photochem ships to the US? I ask because the usual US photochemistry hobby suppliers (Art Craft, Photographer's Formulary, etc.) either don't carry ammonium bromide or charge much more for it than the $10/pound quoted here -- on the order of $20-$40 for 100 grams (~$90-$180/pound). Alternatively, does anybody have a more reasonably priced US source for ammonium bromide? Also, what about ammonium sulfite? The usual suppliers don't seem to carry that, although some do have ammonium sulfate. (Could that have been a typo, PE?)

FWIW, I've also recently begun doing my own color processing. So far I've tried one mix-it-yourself blix, which produced overly grainy negatives, and the Paterson Photocolor blix. The latter works much better than the home-mixed blix and is much less expensive than the Kodak chemicals, but given what I've been hearing about blixes, it might not work as well as separate bleach and fix. Still, it might be worth at least trying it if you can't put anything else together. B&H carries the Paterson chemistry.

If you're interested, here's the site with the home-mixed blix formula I tried, but as I said, I can't really recommend that formula. They've also got a ferricyanide bleach formula (80g potassium ferricyanide and 20g potassium bromide in water to make 1l). I've not tried it, though, in part because from what I understand, potassium ferricyanide is no longer used in commercial bleaches for environmental reasons, and I don't want to bypass environmental concerns. If this information is wrong, though, I might give that formula a try, keeping PE's processing procedure caveats in mind.