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Yeah, but guess what? Its expensive.

The Ammonium Ferric EDTA is what is going to cost you the most. You cannot easily get the Ammonium Ferric PDTA that Kodak is using in the newest bleach.

If someone tries to pass off to you a Ferricyanide bleach, remember that it is cost effective, but you need a wash and clearing bath after the color developer and before that type of bleach or you will cause a lot of stain, and you need to wash well before you go into the fix.

So, here goes:

Ammonium Ferric EDTA solution (50 - 60%) 200 ml
Ammonium Bromide 150 g
Disodium EDTA 10 g
Ammonium Sulfite 10 g

Dissolve in 500 ml water and bring to 1 liter. Adjust pH to 6.5 with 28% acetic acid.

This is a slower bleach than the new RA Bleach III, so use it for about 6 minutes at 100 F. If you want that faster bleach, then substitute Ferric Ammonium PDTA for the EDTA. PDTA is 1, 3 propylene diamine tetra acetic acid. I have the figures for that as well, but it is hard to get and rather counter productive if you want to save money.