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JD will ship any place. Certainly to the US. Notice the prices are in US $.

But to save money on bleach and fix you might want to consider buying bigger bottles. The bigger the bottle the less per litre. Plus aren't you supposed to mix oxygen into the bleach?

I replenish bleach and fix.
Hi Nick. Do you use a Jobo? If so, what chemistry do you use?

I don't really understand why Kodak recommends using the bleach only once in a Jobo, since bleach actually needs lots of oxygen to work properly. (I can see why the increased oxygenation (right word? I'm not a chemist) can cause problems for developer and to a lesser extent to fixer, but bleach?) I'm thinking of using the replenishment scheme that Kodak recommends for non-rotary systems. That would quadruple, or so, the amount of use that I'd get out of the bleach.

What about fixer? Can I use it until Edwal Hypo Check says otherwise?