Rollei/Maco films can be ordered via the national Rollei/Maco distributers. We have received yesterday new Rollei try out kits with all the new Rollei films available, except the Ortho, which is not in production yet.

Up from next week we have the trial kits on our web. We are supllying the original "soup" R.H.S. and R.L.S. from Amaloco Photochemicals, the Netherlands and CG-512 from CG.

Freight charges for Europe will be F.O.C.; so on our costs. The price of the trial kits we have to recalculate for a very attractive price. IR-400 is calculated on Eur. 7,70/film in the kit. The wooden box is included.

For further information of the new Rollei films you can look at our NL-website. Preliminary technical info of the new films are in German language for the time being only.

Best regards,