If you're based in the UK (not sure, sorry!) then I believe Bogen = Manfrotto, and some of the model numbers are different.

For stability heavier tends to be better than lighter, although obviously for portability it's the other way round (you can't win!). Some cheap models are very light and try and add stability by bracing the legs together. This doesn't always work and also means that you can't drop the 'pod to low levels.

I'm a bit unclear as to your actual price range but you might want to check out the Manfrotto 190Pro and the 460Mg head. I'd advise the Pro rather than the CL as it does allow you more flexibility in setting up your shots. I have a 55 Pro with the same head and, if your shoulder will take the weight, it's a very stable platform... ...but heavy. The 190 is quite a bit lighter (and a little cheaper) and very nearly as stable.

All kit is a very personal choice. I'd advise finding a local branch of Calumet and going in and having a look at various alternatives. (Leave your credit card at home though or you'll bankrupt yourself in there! ) What works for me may not work for you.

I hope you find something you like.

All the best,