What focal lengths do you intend to shoot from your new tripod? I ask because I found my Bogen 3021 (= Manfrotto 055), bought in 1989, marginal with a 400 mm lens, not steady enough for a 700.

Also, I suggest strongly that you buy from a camera store, not via the internet. This after I spent part of a Sunday afternoon in B&H playing with tripods. Many highly-recommended ones gave a little at the leg joints, making their torsional rigidity (think about rotating the camera around its tripod socket) poor. And more recently my wife and I went out birding with friends. Each of them has a really nice spotting scope on a new model Bogen 3021. His is rock solid, hers is as flimsy as my old one. It seems best to select a tripod personally.

Good luck, have fun,