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Where did you hear the F6 will be the last film camera? I was just talking to the Nikon Rep last weeks at the local Pro shop, and he was telling us they are still doing RD on a couple of new models of film cameras(SLR) and other P&S film cameras?

So just curious.

In A review of the F6 in the August issue of Professional Photographer ( I have just reread the article Dave it actualy says probably Nikons last Pro SLR) "It could become something of a landmark there is every chance it will go down as the last ever pro spec 35mm SLR to appear- a sobering thought for film lovers. It is hard to see an F7 because the whole area of professional Photography has changed so radically recently ". I have also read in other mags, British Journal Of Photography, Amateur Photographer things that would very strongly give that impression.