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If I got the go ahead on a $900 tripod from my beloved I'd be checked out and back holding the bag so fast she wouldn't even have known I was gone!

If I were your friend Shaun I would bring his wife's 3021 back to the dealer or contact Bogen/Manfrotto, something is clearly amiss.

Bob, she who must be obeyed spends our income. I earn all of it. That's why I didn't jump when ordered. In addition, the tripod was headless and wasn't set up for a leveling ball. Ever since I took up movies I've been sold on levelers. I've put a 3115 (Manfrotto 196) and 3047 on my little Berlebach, the two weigh more than the leg set.

Shaun told me he thought that tightening the clamps would restore his wife's tripod's rigidity. I dunno. Doesn't work for my old 3021, which is the reason I went shopping for something better.

BTW, while considering what to do I came across a large Zone VI with 3047 head for all of $100. It had eyebolts with a nifty nylon cord arrangement to control splay, was as solid as solid could be. Heavy, too, though, and too big to fit well in my little car's trunk.