And I may be the last one to say the latest (and the last) model of 63mm lens is a real good lens. The hardware is kind of disappointing because it's nothing but plastic, but the optical quality is nothing I've never seen.

So far, it works good with my photos taken with Canon NFD lenses that produce softer images even in daylight situations. The highlights are still there, and the shadow areas are not too dark/black. I would say despite many reviews I've read, the Nikkor 63mm is not as contrasty and hard/harsh as the older 50mm lenses I know of, which was the reason why I had avoided using Nikon for a while. But what's surprising is it's rather smooth and seems to have a higher resolution for the outcome than the old ones. It's like tasting good wine that never gets you a hangover. I know this is arguable, but I just wanted to report here.

But the production of it is finished anyway. It's just sad. Am I the only one who's been so concerned about this lens?