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Hmmmm, the term 6x9 has come across....
Seems even nicer to me. Has an even more anti-square nature than 645.
in fact: smallformat has the same ratio as 6x45: 1,34.
6x7 has a more sqaure ratio: 1,16 and 6x9 has 1,7.
but are there affordable cams inn the 6x9 format?

Thanks GaMe
Just a comment about the ratios. 6x4.5 and 6x7 are not the precise dimensions of the negatives. Trusting my memory (sounds dangerous ):

Mamiya 645: negative size 56 x 41.5, which gives a ratio = 1.35
Mamiya RB67: negative size 56 x 69.5, which gives a ratio = 1.24

Don't know about Pentax 67, but it's probably a bit less square than suggested by the term "6x7".