Fortunately, worrying about which camera to bring is almost my biggest worry. Our hosts are natives and as the only non-Indians invited to the wedding they are going out of their way to see to it we have a great time, we will not be with a group. They are making almost all of our solo travel arrangements in the first 1/2 of the trip while they are busy with post wedding family doings. We will be joining them at their home in Calcutta in the latter part of our trip. We will have a car and driver for most of the trip. We are going to spend a great deal of our time up in the Himalayan foot hills so I'm looking forward to some great landscapes. (we'll be visiting the Dali Lama's home in exile)

I work in a infectious diseases department here; we'll be vaccinated up the wazoo and Cipro is already a part of my travel kit!

(Gee, nobody has advised me to go out and get a pocket size digicam and leave the film at home! )