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I certainly do. I have bought 150 rolls of 220 Tri-X this year for air photography. It's a lovely film for many roles, but not so well suited to high resolution work. I would so much rather have been able to use Delta 400 but, although you can still get it in 120, I really can't afford to have to change film every 10 shots in the air. I have written to Ilford about this. Their reply was that their old machine for making 220 is worn out and that it is not economic to replace it. Maybe if others who would buy 220 would contact them they might feel more assured of a market. After all Tri-X seems to be the only B&W film left in the format and that wasn't exactly easy to get, so there is not a lot of competition left.

Maybe they ought to approach Agfa. Agfa used to offer one or two of their professional colour negative films in 220 format - somehow I doubt if their 220 machine would have worn out!