I spent a month on a big trip to Nepal and India last year. I took a Mamiya 7II and three lenses. It was a bit much. i think I would take a 35mm with a really wide lens and a 100 mm and maybe some kinda zoom if you can manage the weight.
Bring your own film: if you take it out of the plastic containers and put it all in a ziplok bag you can get it inspected by hand most places except don't take any 400 or 800 speed because you will lose the argument in one or another airport and they will xray it.

I took facial tissues, not rolls of tp, it packs better.

Don't take too many clothes.

You will get sick, it is a very few that don't, but it's no big deal.

If you must take a big camera take a 4x5 for outings only. Keep a 35 around your neck. They won't steal it.