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I'm working on my thesis project and for one chapter I'm writing about the history of photography galleries. Except that I'm having troubles finding a list or timeline. I started with gallery 291 and have no real leads from there.
If anyone knows of places I can look for my research or if you're a photography history buff and just know some helpful information, that would be wonderful!
You might look at "Alfred Stieglitz - a Biography" by Richard Whelen (ISBN 0-316-93404-6).

There is a lot of information here about "291", "The Intimate Gallery", and other early salons and galleries, both in the United States and abroad.

A significant Gallery, if not the first, was "An American Place" started,in 1929, essentially, by Dorothy Norman and Paul Strand, at 509 Madison Avenue in New York, suite 1710. Although not dedicated solely to photography, it was one of the few galleries of the time that exhibited photography - and had a strong slant to photography as art. See Part VIII, Chapter Sixty-Six "An American Place."

Hope this helps.