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While each potential attendee must make their individual decision about the cost:benefit ratio for them, there are real expenses involved in staging a conference of this nature. Thus, as I suspect the sponsors have a desire to continue to be commercial enterprises, a fee that covers most of those expenses is probably necessary.
Sponsors typically pay a fee to BE a sponsor, host a booth per se, to promote their business, with hopes of expanding sales or generating new sales.
350 attendees (providing they fill the bill) at $300 ea. is $105,000.

Seems they want to promote themselves at our cost...and make a profit perhaps. I can't see how this "conference" could possibly cost this much. Cost of facilities rental and guest speakers could be covered by a lesser fee.
Other expenses are their responsibility under typical marketing/advertising expenditures.

For that amount I expect to see Ansel, Edward, et al reincarnate...