Does anyone have any idea of just how much film, chemistry, and paper it would take to constitute a life-time supply for an average APUGer? How much freezer space would it require? What would the dollar amount be for making such provisions?

Personally, I wouldn't mind a law that would compel Kodak to continue to make certain films and papers for a certain period of time so as to protect the substantial investments of US citizens. If Tamron/Bronica can be required to provide 7 years of "authorized repair service" for the cameras and lenses it no longer makes- then why can't Kodak be required to perform a similar act of decency? (I point to Kodak because it's a US company)

But barring any sort of fair and logical legislation by our fearless and all-knowing leaders, I am curious as to what it would cost in terms of dollars and space to provide oneself a reasonable supply of analog photographic materials.

Any ideas?