Hi everybody... don't come in here too often so I hope you'll forgive me for posting about several things at once.

First, just wanted to say how much I enjoy seeing you all at Geary's whenever we meet (and thanks so much to Geary for providing such a congenial atmosphere for these get-togethers!). I will miss both Aggie and her husband and Will at any future meetings.

Graham and I haven't been doing many photo trips lately but last Sunday, we actually ventured forth (all the way to Marin!) to explore China Camp State Park, a place we've always meant to visit. It was a beautiful day and we both took a lot of pictures (me, about 170, him, 8 even though I was sick with a cold and not feeling like wandering too far afield.

Since the photos I took were all digital, I thought I'd share some 2 minute sketches I did that day instead. When my battery when dead, I pulled out my sketchbook and scribbled a bit. One is Graham getting ready to take a photograph of reeds and the other is his trusty Wista sunning itself.



If I develop either into something more polished, I'll post when I do.