*wakes up, looks around* Huh? What? Did someone say Film Ain't Dead?
You can't seriously knock businesses for doing business can you? If you could direct-order from Ilford there would be a tremendous backlash from retailers... how many dealers switched to PanaVue b/c you can buy PrintFile for below-list direct (whole 'nother discussion about "list" prices then)?
In an age when margins on all things photographic are increasingly slim it seems it shouldn't be such a horror that Ilford/Calumet stand to potentially earn a reasonable return here. Suppose for a moment that the 100K tossed above is accurate; do they deserve that profit any less than a realtor selling a relatively simple 4 million dollar shore home, an investor choosing when to sell a stock or a state selling an hours' worth of lottery tickets? It may be a hobby for many, but for the rest it is how food is put on the table for the owners, their employees and their families.
My 2-cents.