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My group, Portland Photographers Forum collects, repairs and distributes 35mm manual cameras for one Portland Oregon high school and now a second school is looking for help as well. I thought I put the word out in the APUG web and see if anyone would like to help pass along the fine art of analog photography to the next geneation of photographers.
Here is the message I got and the contact information to the school.
Thank you.
"Westview High School is seeking old manual cameras. They are looking for SLR film cameras that can be set manually (shutter speed, aperture, and focus). Contact art teacher, Alisa Scudamore alisa_scudamore@beavton.k12.or.us."

Thanks for posting this. Unfortunately, I traded in my Olypus OM-1 on a lightmeter many years ago when I started large format photography. I will ask around at work and among my photographer friends to see if anyone has anything to donate. Do you know how soon they need the cameras? I believe there is a swap meet coming up in early November at the Washington County Fairgrounds. If they still need some cameras, I'd be willing to scour the tables for bargains and pick up a camera or two to donate to the school.

Also, I only live about 2 miles from Westview High School. I'd be willing to be a guest lecturer if they are interested. I'd be happy to bring in a large format camera or two and let the kids look at the image on the ground glass and watch how it changes as movements are applied. I've done similar "Introduction to Large Format" lectures at PCC in the past. If there is anything I can do to help get some kids interested in traditional photography, just let me know.