The P67 is very hand holdable, has sharp glass available and is very versatile. One of my favorite tricks with people photography is to slap the mirror up, wait for the subject (who thinks the sound was the shutter) to relax, and then nail the shot.

All that said, having owned three of them, I'd never buy one again because the film transport mechanism is a total piece of garbage. I bought the first one used and that froze up me. Then, reading that the P67II had solved the problem, I bought that one new and it, too, froze on me after a couple hundred rolls of film -- sadly after warranty expiration. While debating whether to spend $350 having it fixed, I bought another used one for $175 and that lasted maybe a year before suffering the same fate. Now I have the P67II back from the shop and cringe every time I advance the film ...I have absolutely NO faith in the camera.

I'm sure others have had better luck with their's but my luck has been truly miserable and you should be aware of the transport problem.