I think the term "lifetime" would probably pertain more to the life of the product and not the user. Even if you bought 50,000 rolls of your favorite film and the same amount of paper who knows if the film and paper would even produce acceptable results decades down the road. I guess I could use 30 year old film if I had to, but I doubt if the image quality would be that great. You could always store it in lead lined bags in the deep freeze but I doubt many people would go to such great expense of money and space. Thats why I haven't stock piled large numbers of Tech-pan, Polymax or APX 100 in 120. I find it depressing to prolong the misery of knowing that one day these things will be no more and each exposure is a count down to the end! I'd rather be done with it quick and find a replacement and once all the replacements are gone then I'll find another hobby.