Sean, got a copy of Ctein's "Post Exposure?" Might be some useful info in there. He's offered a sample chapter as a freebie download in PDF and HTML formats via his website.

Lemmesee...I don't have the full URL handy but his site is on the plaidworks domain. Shouldn't be too difficult to find.

Anyway, many of us who work only in b&w often refer to Ctein's book, ignoring the fact that he's primarily a color printer and the book was written from that POV.

I have a Durst M605 color head. If you happen across a VC version I'll swap heads with you! I'm very pleased with mine for moderate enlargments (up to 18"x18" on the baseboard; larger with wall projection) for b&w work. But that poor neglected cyan filter could use a good home. ;>