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Are we living in a totalitalian state?
If it's the USA, that's for sure - you can't imagine how much does it resemble the former Soviet Union to people who lived there. Looks like anti-communists after 1946 did something wrong in their effort to struggle with the USSR, copying some worst parts of it. Well, I can't say it's okay when a photographer from the USA tells as a good advice on his site, that one should never ever remain with or without his camera alone with the female models or, even worse, children. It's important to have witnesses around, just in case. Or the American Nationalism issue? Or many other things in school and governmental institutes? And, not to be mentioned here, the practice of total unconsented circumcision of every male infant in the USA for decades, still in birth clinics - does it resemble Gulag or Auschwitz in some aspects to one, no?

But, as in every other place, there are idiots and there are saints - and a big heap of people between, so everything is perfecly normal. At least someone didn't get yet a grant from the US government to develop a system of potential terrorist detection, preferably with chip grafting under skin. Or from our crazy Russian government