Sean, It's not apples and apples (or should I say apples and Mac's) they're comparing. The computer work has it's own personality as does the wet practice. I just finished a project for a couple of interior designers who wanted 15 16x20's and 17 11x14 b/w fine art images for some high end model homes. They said they wanted cheep.(always cheep! rrrrhhh) so I showed them samples of one image, printed 3 different ways; fibor based photo print and printed on my epson 7600 with 2 different papers one thicker and one thinner and cheeper. This was my first experiance at providing this service and boy I learned alot! It's just as complicated to work the images through photshop as it is the wet photographic process. And to my own suprise the images had a completeally different feel to them, even the client noticed. So yes, the self development of an intuitioned based response to the wet process is a complicated path. But so is creating computer assisted imagery that does not look like a gimmick. Commercially the two can go hand in hand but from an intuitively artistic standpoint their way apart and have their own markets. If these people are looking for the easy way to create, then I'm sure their work will reflect that, no matter which process they use.