I have an issue with determining the hyperfocal distance on my RB67 90mm lens. It uses bellows focusing with the distance scale on the side of the bellows. When I use an on-line HF distance calculator, I can't seem to get the same range of "in focus" distnace on my lens as the calculator is providing, leads me to think that surely, I am doing something wrong.

Example: calculator parameters are --- 90mm, f/32, 6x7 format, .06 CoC to provide a HF distance of 14 feet giving a DOF range from 7 feet to infinity.

My steps I take with my lens (the "ft" and "m" scale is a dial on the front of the lens and is manually operated, I guess since the focused distance scale is on the bellows, the only thing i can do is move the dial to put the infinity mark where it should be relevant to the f/stop I'm using):

I put the infinity mark of the "ft" and "m" dial on the f/32 index, the red line on the lens should indicate, I think, the HF distance, it says 10 ft, and the other f/32 index mark on the lens should indicate, I think, half the HF distance from the film plane to the actual HF distance point of 10 ft, and, indeed, it does read half at about 5 feet.

So, am I doing something wrong here. I thinking that since the distance scale for the lens is a separate operation from the lens itself, that maybe I'm doing something wrong. Thanks for any and all constructive comments.