I would second (or third, fourth, fifth) a lot of the comments already made.

1) The OM cameras are great. Well, I really only worked with the OM1, but I loved that little camera. One thing I have noticed when I looked at getting a new one is that the range of wide-angle glass was limited. I.e. it was hard to find a 24mm or shorter lens at KEH. (of course, KEH has five 24mm lenses right now! Nothing shorter, though)

2) The Nikon FE/FM cameras. I have the FE. It is nice--also it is good that it takes the glass from my N90. The FE electronics are a bit flakey on mine. I might look into an FM type. However, for the price, you can't go too far wrong. You can get an FE in bargain condition from KEH for $70. OM1's start the same.

Keep in mind with the OM-1 that you need to get the hotshoe if you plan to use a flash. It was designed to come off, and it is missing on a lot of cameras.