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I'll go along with the OM lovers. Avoid the 2 spot and the straight 4 as they eat batteries, but the 1n, 2n, 3 and 4Ti are all lovely and very robust and reliable, despite their compact build.

Some of the later OM-4s had updated circuits that were the same as what went in the OM-4Ti. Even so, I've never understood making such a big deal of battery life on the earlier OM-4s and the OM-2 Spot. The batteries are cheap, and if the cameras are inactive for along periods, removing the batteries is hardly rocket science.

The bigger problem with the OM-2 Spot is that the circuitry doesn't seem to be as reliable as the other electronic OMs. That said, there are lots of people who are shooting them reliably now, having purchased them new, early on.

As for availablility of wides, especially wider than 24, well, people who have them tend to hang on to them. The 21/3.5 is often available on auction, and it is reputed to be great. I've never owned one, as I have the 21/f2. You'll have to pry it from my dead, cold hands. It replaced a Leica 21 and made me feel comfortable in selling my M3, 50MM DR and 90mm. The 21/2 doesn't often surface on oBoy. When they do, expect to pay $800-1K for a good one.

Canon D shooters are snapping up the 28 shift.