I think Lex alluded to the real difficulty with traditional methods, especially B&W and that is the need for a darkroom. Everyone who is serious about traditional methods either has, had or wants a dedicated darkroom. This involves cost and logistics. Next comes the issue of dealing with various chemicals, some pretty toxic if misused. Then the time involved in developing the film, printing, washing, storage etc.

Now look at digital. If you have a total digital workflow, all you need is a high quality lap top, and printer. Of course the computer can be the same computer the wife balances to books with and you play games on. You may need a dedicated printer. Besides the camera, that is all you need. Everything is on the desktop. To get fancy you get a good imaging program, MIS inksets and maybe a better printer.

Now, if you are 18 or 19 and interested in photography, which one do you choose? Which one is going to be the harder one to master for the 18yr old?