!?=?atinsnow]There was an article in Pop Photo a few years ago about the Leica copies, and it was telling about all the different copies out there and how they are actually becoming quite collectable on their own, they were talking about people paying large dollars for some of the Leica copies, this looks very simular to the one they used to lead into the story.


Thanks for your input. I'm aware of the market, too where collectors pay quite a lot for old Canon, Nikon, Nicca, Kiev and other rangefinders just for the sake of getting Leica and Contax copies. I have a real Leica, but sometimes I get too serious with it, so I need something more like a toy to take it easy.

The highest bid for the Zorki I mentioned is still around 40 U.S. dollars, and there are two more days to go. So, I might give a shot.