I'm still pretty new to color printing and am wondering what average print exposure times are for the experienced out there. I'm routinely in the 7 - 10 second range which is a bit shorter than I'm used to and comfortable with from B&W work. The problem is stopping down further would make the image pretty dim for dodge/burning since my "night vision" never really kicks in due to frequent burst of quite bright light to gauge color accuracy.

Oh, and BTW, anyone have any impressions on the new Kodak "Edge" paper?

Lastly, I was also interested in a note contained in a new box of Portra saying they're changing the emulsion for "cleaner highlights when exposed in optical printers. No changes will be seen when exposing paper in digital devices." One gets to be so pathetically grateful for any signs of continuing research/improvements in the non-digital area. Someone obviously didn't get the email.