re: Russian Leica thread mount (LTM39) lenses

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I have always wanted to know if these lenses are still made, as the FSU is still making Leica-thread cameras, it would be logical if they made lenses as well, but I haven't seen anything but 50 (-ish) mm lenses bundled with cameras available for years.
I'm not positive, but I think that both camera and lens production of LTM39 equipment has ceased in Russia (in the KMZ plant, which produced Zorkis) and in Ukraine (in the FED plant). I know that KMZ recently shut down production of SLRs. That said, you can still find some of this equipment new (old stock; NOS). It crops up on eBay from time to time, and a few Internet retailers who specialize in Russian/FSU gear may have it. I bought a NOS FED 5 about a year ago. It works well, but I personally find it awkward compared to an SLR because of the need for an auxiliary finder for lenses other than the standard 50mm lens, so I don't use it much.