The problem with working "under the influence" is that while your perceptions are altered, so is your ability to concentrate on the technical issues. You can probably function fine with alchohol and marijuana (to a point).

I would think on hallucinogens, you'd probably need a point-and-shoot camera - if you even remembered you were supposed to be taking photographs - instead of zoned out studying the color trails being made by the flowers moving back and forth in the wind.

I used to take photos wearing a pair of "Wolf Ears" shooting ear muffs. They have a microphone/speaker system built into each muff that greatly amplifies the ambient sound. You become hyper aware of things you don't normally hear - and, I think it did alter the photos I took while wearing them because it gave an extra dimension to what I was looking at while exploring the desert. Were the photos better than what I took without them - don't know, hard to evaluate.

I do know that I probably got involved with looking at some things I probably would have ignored without them, but - what did I miss by wearing them and NOT looking at other things? Not better, just different?