I gulp each time I look at this - between 5 and 11 dollars a tray full. It really is a pacing item for working with AZO. Of course when I consider the inter-positives and final negatives - (I am not sure I would go to all this effort for a 4x5 contact print-) adding that extra work makes the cost seem less significant to the whole project.

I have used PMK for over a year now - I may have to try the Pyro experiment - I just guess I have to resign myself to make it count while the chems are fresh!

Jorge - do you have an idea of a starting point for a pyro paper developer? I have THE DARKROOM COOKBOOK and it has a formula for a pyro print developer. I guess I'll have to try them both and compare - It seems to me that if the results were as good - folks would stop using amidol - Of course there is always the saftey issues of pyro - I don't know if amidol is as toxic. I don't have any problems putting my hands in PQ developers but I will not do that with Pyro.