Blimey, you lot are keen!

Okay, the place I thought of was here, the Green Dragon in Hardraw, Upper Wendsleydale, Yorkshire. I've been there a few times in search of waterfalls (there's one at the bottom of the garden!) and to cover my sister's band (shameless plug!) at their folk festival.

The food is good, the beer is very good, the female bar staff generally meets a high standard of aesthetic acceptability(!) and they do B&B at 25 per night and self catering at 20 per night (or they used to, the prices seem to have recently disappeared from the site). Also the pub is split into a series of smallish rooms, so we can keep ourselves to ourselves, should we so choose.

There has been a request that we make the Gathering in either late March or early April (so we don't emulate brass monkeys like we did at Castlerigg!).

The Dales are a stunning environment for landscape shooters. The number of waterfalls borders on the embarrassing (I know a of website that claims to list the top 30 in the area!), dry-stone walls are ten-a-penny... You get the general idea.

So what do you reckon?