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Jorge - do you have an idea of a starting point for a pyro paper developer? I have THE DARKROOM COOKBOOK and it has a formula for a pyro print developer. I guess I'll have to try them both and compare - It seems to me that if the results were as good - folks would stop using amidol - Of course there is always the saftey issues of pyro - I don't know if amidol is as toxic. I don't have any problems putting my hands in PQ developers but I will not do that with Pyro.
While I'm not Jorge, I can lead you to the very informative (at least in German) site of Wolfgang Moersch.
The recipes are found by (through the German front page) clicking "Anleitungen", then "Know How". This brings you to a page with two entries in English - both well worth reading! There are occasional clear signs of translation, ask me if anything's unclear.

The lith instructions (in German) are good too...