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I print for the common man because they are the heart and soul of America.
But I am turned off by the smug self righteousness of most (not all) FB printers, and collectors, and gallerys, who do not take the time to learn the truth about modern RC paper. But I should remind you, that you have also shunned my opinions, and evidence, and not only mine, but other RC printers who have contributed to this thread. As I have said in this thread I don't know why others are having a problem, all I know is my own experience. I have my ideas why some RC goes bad for some, but it would just fall on deaf ears.
I feel the common man (and I consider myself to be one) deserves a quality product at a reasonable price. A RC print well made, and cared for will last up to and over 100 years. I am sure that will satisfy the expectations of the common man. If you want to print on FB, I think that's great. I have no ill feeling, until that snobbish self righteous attitude shows up.
It seems to me that you started out asking opinions of your question and yet you seem to be constantly defending your position. Why ask in first place. I only use fiber base. I know what is professional and what is not.