I think that exposure methods will play a far more important factor then the matter of film, developer, and paper.

I am not sure how much contrast you will encounter. Normally artificially lit night scenes indicate high contrast. The other factor that plays into this is reciprocity. If you have exposures of a minute or more, then you will experience reciprocity effect and that will increase the already excessive contrast.

If that is the case, and if you want to maintain highlight separation then I would look to preflashing film rather then primarily reducing development to control contrast.

If exposures are in the reciprocity effect realm, then I would look to using a film such as Tmax 400 for it's favorable response in that respect. I like Pyrocat as my developer of choice and would see no reason to ammend that.

JandC Polywarmtone (Forte) evidences a somewhat higher ES then other papers grade for grade. So that would probably be my choice of paper. If I wanted a somewhat cooler paper tone then I might consider using Amidol as my paper developer.