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why do you still deal with designers? I had the same problem as yours until I found that there are many programs which do not require any knowledge of HTML QUOTE]

You deal with professional designers for the same reason you deal with professional photographers. Quality.

You shop them the same too. Look at their portfolio of work, find what you like.

Doing your own site with an automatic program .... Looks and runs like an amateur wrote it with an automatic program.
I agree with this, with one caveat. Depending on your needs, it may be a very workable option to have a website designed for you that permits self-maintenance - i.e. once you have it designed for you you can, with limited assistance, keep the site updated and current. If that is your goal, you need to make sure that your designer has experience designing that type of site, uses tools that are suited for that purpose, and is able to educate/train you in its operation. A review of a portfolio of work may not provide that information - you should ask for references from customers who have previously had that sort of work done.