Good Afternoon, Bogeyes,

T-Max 100 processed in Technidol (make 10 0z. of solution instead of the 8 0z. indicated on the package, and start at around 12 minutes in a rotary drum processor). The reciprocity characteristics of T-100 are excellent; exposures for subjects such as you describe will typically range from about 1 and 1/2 to 3 minutes at around f11 to f16. I think, based on extremely limited experience that Acros may work even better (somewhat shorter exposures), but it's generally available only in Quickloads, which cost dearly. Recently, I've tried several night exposures on T-100 in HC-110G with stand development (about 15-25 minutes as a starting point). I'll probably try a little more of this, since the HC-110 is considerably cheaper than Technidol.