The special edition concept seems sound to me. I seldom buy periodicals any more and when I do it's usually a special edition.

OTOH, perhaps I'm biased by my personal habits. So my preference may not be representative of any group.

BTW, I don't think a publication needs to be as narrowly confined as to "dodging and burning." An entire issue could be devoted to the art of making a print "sing" (as the term goes), from: simple dodging and burning with the hands or found objects; to cutting masks; to bleaching.

I think it would be a mistake to dilute the effort of such a concept by including, say, discussions of the Zone System or my pet, stand processing, into an issue on making the print.

It's even debatable whether an issue on making the print should include toning. I can see an entire issue devoted to toning, considering the availability of toners and examples of their use.

BTW, I still preferred "Srockets."

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