Yes I took a look at Cumulus ($100) and Agave SPS ($400) stock photography softwares, and found them impressive. But my goal is to make Photo Organizer the best in class stock photography software which would suit professionals and amateur photograpers as well.

When I released Photo Organizer (free of charge) I had a list of features which I will include in the next release of PO. I post them here, and ask you to come forward with your ideas and suggestions. I need to know what features you would like to see in PO.
<ul>[*]extend private/public to private/group/public where public
pictures are visible by everybody, private pictures are visible
only for the owner and group pictures visible only for group members.
Obviously, one person can be member of more groups.[*]allow users to define custom fields all over the database, if they feel the need, so that a user can define a "For Sale" field for photos...[*]exif + nkn shooting data suport[*]dupe handling[*]shooting data and barcode printing[*]rating system[*]sales tracking system + scheduler + customer and supplier contact list[*]improved storage indicators, highres pointer for digital pictures,
media type indicators[/list]
Given the comming features I would like to compile a priority list, with the most important feature first, and the least important last. If you could give me some feedback that would be really helpful.