Ditto the other comments on Delta 3200's characteristics. The last thing I'd worry about with this film is blown highlights - if anything it tends to be a bit listless.

OTOH, tho', I just don't care for the film much in more conventional developers like ID-11/D-76. One reason I've grown to really appreciate Microphen is for its ability to wring snappy midtones out of almost any film despite its compensating effect. So controlled highlights won't necessarily translate into flat overall results.

BTW, Delta 3200 at EI 1600 in Diafine is great stuff too. Maybe a wee bit flat, tho' snappier than ID-11, Rodinal or Ilfosol-S. Grainy midtones, sure, but that's just the nature of the film. The grain might be appealing for the right kind of photos. But foolproof and dirt simple. It appears to be an honest EI 1600 in Diafine.

Just watch out you don't become a Diafine cultist like me. Once you're in you can't get out.