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Well, I'm only staying if the male bar staff reach an equivalent - if not superior - standard.
Well, I'm not qualified to assess; you'll have to come along and give us the benefit of your experience!

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Having just come back from four days in Scotland, where waterfalls come out of your ears, I'd be interested in doing a compare and contrast with the Dales. Yes, I might actually make this one - finally! Although I'm with Leon on the wedding anniversary front - mine's April 3rd, so if we could avoid any dates around that time please...
It would be great to have you join us. We'll take all the bad dates out of the hat and see if there's anything left.

(Worth mentioning that I think the Green Dragon is quite popular, so booking well in advance would probably be a good option.)

Dates to avoid -
Leon has an issue with the weekend of 18th/19th March
Ailsa can't make 3rd April (weekend is 1st/2nd)
It's Easter 14-17 April.

Any more that would cause a problem for people?