Well now Aggie, there were a lot of names posted yet they did not seem to be what you folks were looking for, judging from the choices you posted. I dont mean this as a critizism only as an observation. Given that you guys are the ones publishing and doing the work, perhaps the best thing would be that among all of you who are organizing this pick a name. Whatever name you pick it is sure to displease someone, so might as well pick something that is comfortable for all of you.

If you want a somewhat "artsy" name many combination of words can describe it. For example

Negative & Positive
Framed silver
Negative image
SIlver image
Negative capture
Negative space
Negative expression

and on and on.....I would say just pick a name, stick with it and move forward. In the end what should matter more is the magazine format, content and cover photograph. The name is important but it should not be something to be stressing about.