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I am looking to re-vamp my website. Up til now I've done it myself using a simple HTML text editor. I'm considering purchasing either Dreamweaver or Adobe GoLive and would be interested in hearing feedback from users of these (or other) programs.

I used dreamweaver for a couple years, but I have found it is much harder for me to design using a GUI. It seems they limit what you can do to the way the programmer thought it should be done. I much prefer to use PHP, CSS and a good text editor. Also if you are doing your own design work you may want to install the webserver your host is using so you can test on your local machine, I would suggest Apache and if you need a database MySQL. Even if you start using Dreamweaver you will be glad you took the time to learn HTML because it will give you a better understanding of what your seeing and how to accomplish your goals. Also I would stay clear of GoLive, You may want to give a free program called Arachnophilia a try though.