I was contacted by a friend of mine via email this morning, and was informed that a price hike was made with respect to Efke film. The price increase is a whopping 20%!
(Thanks Bill Mitchell for the "heads up")

I just got off the phone with the head of Fotoimpex in Berlin. He gave me the following explanation for the recent price increase in Efke Films:

The wholesale price of the celuloid used in the making of large format film has dramatically increased in price due to the demand from the computer industry. This samne material is used in the fabrication of flat screen computer monitors. Efke increased their wholesale price of the film close to 30%. Hopefully, any further price increases will be less dramatic, but it is to be expected that the price of Efke sheet film will one day come close to that of the larger manufacturers.

Fotoimpex extends a 10% discount to professional photographers which takes atleast a small amount of the sting out of this recent price hike.