Although I love Rodinal, Neutol-WA, and Agfa's VC fiber paper, I've been working toward substitutes for all of them for the last few months as I've believed this day was fast approaching. The thing that I found amusing in the first article was this quote:

During the last few weeks, negotiations with potential investors failed, obviously due to disagreements about the value of the licence for marketing the AgfaPhoto brand.
I guess that the folks at Agfa didn't want to admit that their name was pretty much worthless since they'd been dumping products for so long. I've been pissed off at them since the end of APX25, and ending production of all 120 film while selling off you 35mm stocks at bargain-basement prices is not the way to build the value of your brand name. I think everyone I know now associates the Agfa name with, "A disaster waiting to happen"...holding out for more money for a name like that wasn't too wise.

I do hope that someone out there picks up their formulas and continues to produce some of their products (I still have a couple of bulk rolls of APX100 buried in the 'fridge), but if they think their name is worth a bundle then I can't imagine what they think their product formulas are worth.

(Sorry...I'm in pain today, and that always leaves me a little cynical.)