Look for a excellent article in the Magazine "Photo Techniques" in approximately 1994-1996 time frame. From that article; which has hidden itself somewhere around my darkroom, I started developing TMax 100 in TMax developer at a dilution of 1:9 (1:4 in normal dilution) at 75F for 9 minutes.

I recall this article discussing a lot of divided developer combinations, etc. but the main emphasis was that a very weak developer will exhaust itself at dense areas of the negative very fast and therefore will not build excessive density. Therefore, along with this method is a warning to not overly agitate - I agitate for 5 seconds every minute. This technique has worked on 120 Tri-X roll film as well. Can hold details in deep shadows and texture of stone light by flood lights at the same time!

Only thing left to work on is the exposure time - I'm going about 1 minute at F/8 with 100 ASA film in areas such as well lit walks, etc.

Good Luck.